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The Daily Jordan: Jordan Jumpman Pro “Ray Allen” – 2008 The Daily Jordan: Jordan Jumpman Pro “Ray Allen” – 2008

March 20, 2017 BY / 0 4.5 / 5

Though exclusive colorways for Jordan Brand athletes have been plenty over the years, very few have ever reached retail. One of the those few was the Jordan Jumpman Pro “Ray Alle...Read More

Ray Allen’s Latest Air Jordan Golf Shoes Are Insane

January 19, 2017 BY / 0 4.07 / 5

Ray Allen is officially retired and enjoying basking in his legacy. No, not his two NBA championship wins and status as king of all-time three-pointers-made. The continuing run of Air ...Read More

This Ray Allen “Christmas” Air Jordan 20 Looks Direct From Santa’s Workshop

January 2, 2017 BY / 0 4.88 / 5

Ray Allen’s Air Jordan exclusives over the years have been among the best ever. So good that even the ones he didn’t wear are unbelievable, like this pair of “Christm...Read More

Ray Allen Recalls Fond Memories Of Rocking Air Jordan 16

December 17, 2016 BY / 0 5 / 5

As one of Team Jordan’s founding members, Ray Allen has laced up some of the greatest Air Jordan player exclusives ever created throughout his stellar career. The NBA all-time le...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan Alpha 1 Ray Allen “Christmas” – 2009

June 6, 2016 BY / 0 4.5 / 5

It’s virtually settled fact that Ray Allen received the sickest player exclusive Air Jordans over his 19 seasons in the NBA. His Air Jordan 5 Sonics, Air Jordan 11 Ring Ceremony,...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Jordan Icons “Celtics” Ray Allen PE The Daily Jordan: Jordan Icons “Celtics” Ray Allen PE

March 17, 2016 BY / 0 5 / 5

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Today we check out a very appropriate selection in the Jordan Icons Ray Allen PE. While Ray rocked them with the Celtics during the 2009-10 season...Read More

Ray Allen Test Drives Air Jordan 14 “Ferrari” At Camp

August 2, 2015 BY / 0 5 / 5

After a summer peppered with golf and sneaker giveaways, Ray Allen is back to thinking hoops at his “Citi Ray Allen Basketball ProCamp.” Which, of course, includes some cho...Read More

Ray Allen Is Alive And Well And Playing Golf In Non-Jordan Shoes

July 17, 2015 BY / 0 0 / 5

Still no word from Ray Allen about which NBA team he might join for 2015-16. No rush, no worries; there’s plenty of time, and the course is calling. The all-time three-point lead...Read More

Ray Allen’s Jordan Giveaway Continues

July 3, 2015 BY / 0 0 / 5

Part two of Ray Allen‘s Air Jordan giveaway continued in the Hartford, Connecticut area today, moving to more friendly-looking areas that aren’t abandoned and decrepit. The...Read More

Ray Allen’s Air Jordan Giveaway Involves Some Interesting Legwork

July 2, 2015 BY / 0 0 / 5

Some athlete sneaker giveaways involve awarding or assigning pairs to chosen social media followers, then shipping through a parcel service. For instance, Kendall Marshall’s give...Read More

Ray Allen’s Sneaker Closet’s Loss, Your Gain

June 30, 2015 BY / 0 0 / 5

Ray Allen, the king of Air Jordan player exclusives since his ’90s Milwaukee Bucks days, is clearing out some space in his closet and is prepping to give them away around the Har...Read More

June 1, 2001: Ray Allen Drops 9 Threes On Philly In Air Jordan XVI

June 1, 2015 BY / 0 5 / 5

Fourteen years ago today, Ray Allen had his shooting stroke dialed up to the tune of nine three-pointers in a must-win Game 6 for his Milwaukee Bucks against the visiting Philadelphi...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Jordan Icons “Celtics” Ray Allen PE – 2010

May 20, 2015 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Jordan Icons “Celtics” PE is today’s Daily Jordan, a shoe that actually stepped off the court and into stores for you to purchase on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 ...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan XIII Ray Allen “Celtics” PE – 2010 The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan XIII Ray Allen “Celtics” PE – 2010

April 30, 2015 BY / 0 5 / 5

We head a half decade into the past for today’s Daily Jordan, focusing on a highly sought white and green gem – Air Jordan 13 “Celtics” PE for NBA shooting leg...Read More

Mache Customs Air Jordan 13 “tRAYbute” For Ray Allen

March 16, 2015 BY / 0 4.83 / 5

While Jordan Brand has the laser retrospective made famous on Air Jordan XX, sneaker artist Mache has a mosaic of achievements he calls the “tRAYbute” Air Jordan 13 for all...Read More


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