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Ray Allen Showcases PE Air Jordan Sandals

April 7th, 2014 By

Ray Allen Showcases PE Air Jordan Sandals

While his career may be closer to the finish line at this point, Ray Allen has showed very few signs of malaise of slowing down this season, fitting right into the Heat’s bench for a second straight year. The all time three leader and two-time NBA Champion has showcased a bevy of exclusive Air Jordan PEs over the years, but it even extends to the locker room as the man also known as Jesus Shuttlesworth recently showcases his pair of Jumpman slides. Featuring a red and yellow look, the sandals get his autograph logo. Get a full look at the PE sandals made exclusively for Ray Allen and let us know if you’d wear a pair if these ever saw a retail release.

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Air Jordan 14: Ray Allen “Milwaukee Bucks” PEs – Available on eBay

March 24th, 2014 By

Air Jordan 14: Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks PEs   Available on eBay

Many wonder what jersey Ray Allen will represent when his time comes to be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. His first championship and multiple runs with the Boston Celtics is always up for contention although he’s severed ties with his teammates there, and his legendary buzzer beater with the Miami Heat will probably be most tied to his legacy. But it is always easy to forget Ray’s time in Seattle or the fact that he spent his first 6 and a half seasons as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Luckily we’ll always have his early Air Jordan PEs in purple accents to remind us. Today we get a look at two pairs of the Air Jordan 14 in both a Bucks’ home and away look. Each pair features his number 34 stitched on the tongue while the shoes ditch green for predominantly purple accents. Get a better view after the click and grab them today via donglihan on eBay.

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Air Jordan 2012: “Celtics Home” PE for Ray Allen

March 4th, 2014 By

Air Jordan 2012: Celtics Home PE for Ray Allen

The Air Jordan 2012 was the last of the signature series delegated its title by year over that strange four year span. During that time, the Boston Celtics stockpiled assets and managed to get both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to compete for a championship. And while Ray might not be so welcomed by the Celtics these days, he has a ring to show for his time there and this pair of the Air Jordan 2012s in a simple white and green scheme featuring his signature logo on the tongue. Be sure to get with us after the click for a better view of this rare Air Jordan 2012 made for Ray Allen and if you’re truly feeling this pair, then know you can grab them today via joycelpc20122012 on eBay.

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Air Jordan XIV: “Bucks” PE for Ray Allen’s 1998-1999 Season

January 21st, 2014 By

Air Jordan XIV: Bucks PE for Ray Allens 1998 1999 Season

Before he was the man known as Jesus Shuttlesworth and was far from even being considered as the NBA’s all time 3-point leader (mind you he doesn’t even hold the record for most threes attempted, and that’s efficiency  Ray Allen was lacing up his exclusive pairs of Air Jordans as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Ray would go on to lead the team to a handful of memorable playoff runs before being traded to Seattle and today we get a special look at his Air Jordan 14 PE during the 1998-1999 NBA season. Featuring an “Away” construction of premium black leather, the shoe gets a suede treatment on the toebox while his number 34 is stitched in purple to match the accents long before his signature ‘Ray’ logo came to fruition. What do you think of this exclusive pair? Hit the click to get a better view of this Ray Allen PE and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Ray Allen Wears Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” with Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey

January 10th, 2014 By

Ray Allen Wears Air Jordan 13 He Got Game with Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey

Tonight marks the first time players will wear their nicknames on the back of their jerseys and the one player that will garner the most attention will be Ray Allen reprising his role as Jesus Shuttlesworth for the first time in real life. Sporting a J.Shuttlesworth on the back of his Miami Heat jersey, we can only hope that Allen posts a big game in some way to continue the legend of the influential 1998 fictitious Spike Lee character. That being said, many wondered if Ray would lace up a pair of the Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” that was featured in the movie and now we have our answer. In a video released on the Miami Heat’s instagram account, Ray dons the jersey and then sits down to lace up a pair of the coveted Air Jordan 13s because it wouldn’t be right without it. Hit the gallery for the full video and a second look.

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Are Spike Lee and Ray Allen Planning A He Got Game Sequel?

January 9th, 2014 By

Are Spike Lee and Ray Allen Planning A He Got Game Sequel?

While Jesus Shuttlesworth is making his NBA debut against the Brooklyn Nets (Ray Allen will be wearing a special nickname jersey with J.Shuttlesworth stitched on the back of it later this month – we’ll have to wait to see if he wears the special Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game”) rumors have been circulating about the potential discussing of a He Go Game sequel. The 1998 film depicts the Jordan Brand athlete as a kid juggling big offers from universities to go play basketball and the ominous return of his father, played by Denzel Washington, whom he’s stopped speaking to after tragedy disbands his entire family. Where Spike Lee would decide to take the film’s sequel is anybody’s guess, but with 16 years having passed since the original its safe to say that Jesus would definitely be a veteran player much like Allen is today for the Miami Heat. Stick with us after the click to get Ray Allen’s thoughts on the potential film and stay tuned for all your Jordan Brand Athlete updates.

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Air Jordan 10 & Air Jordan 16 “Christmas” PEs for Ray Allen

December 26th, 2013 By


Air Jordan 10 & Air Jordan 16 Christmas PEs for Ray Allen

It’s a time honored tradition within the Jordan Brand family tree that Ray Allen receives some of the best player exclusives of any Jordan athlete. It makes sense – Jesus Shuttlesworth has never rocked his own signature sneaker with the brand and instead has opted to be an outlier on the perimeter, wearing whatever covetable exclusive the brand throws at him. This Christmas was no different either, as the Jumpman gave the NBA’s all-time 3-point leader two pairs to choose from: for the first half it was a festive red leather Air Jordan 10 with green accents and for the second he donned the Air Jordan XVI. Hit the gallery to see official photos of each sneaker and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Air Jordan 10: “Christmas” PE for Ray Allen

December 23rd, 2013 By

Air Jordan 10: Christmas PE for Ray Allen

The annual batch of NBA games just got a little bit bigger this year, featuring a total of five match-ups in which a plethora of Jordan Brand athletes will participate. And while we continue to see images of the upcoming holiday exclusives of some of the newest Jordan Brand silhouettes, Ray Allen is always an outlier regarding what model he’ll wear on the holiday but now we have some possible proof of what the man also known as Jesus Shuttlesworth will be sporting. Images of the Air Jordan X with a green leather upper while accents of red and white alternate on the top recently hit the web, and the shoe just so happens to have a number ’34′ stitched onto the upper. If there was any doubt on who this pair was for, that signature ‘Ray’ logo hits the tongue. Stay with us after the click to get a better view and let us know what you think of Ray Allen’s Christmas PE in the comments.

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Air Jordan XVIII: Ray Allen “Sonics” PE

November 22nd, 2013 By

Air Jordan XVIII: Ray Allen Sonics PE

Has there ever been a player to receive better Jordan PEs than Ray Allen? Today we get a look at another personalized pair for the man fictionally known as Jesus back from his former years playing in Seattle with this pair of the Air Jordan XVII. Dressed in an all white upper, the shoe features the classic green scheme with accents of yellow as his number 34 hits the shroud in one of the simpler player exclusives we’ve seen in quite some time. Hit the gallery for a better look and if you have the cash know that you can grab this pair today via air-flight23 on eBay.

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Josiah Lake Showcases Air Jordan XI “Ray” PE

November 12th, 2013 By

Josiah Lake Showcases Air Jordan XI Ray PE

From his all-time record for most three’s made by a single player over Reggie Miller (and he got there in less attempts) to his crazy Game 6 tying three-pointer,Ray Allen has had a storied NBA career, yet has somehow remained lowkey throughout it all. One thing that hasn’t remained as secretive among the sneakerhead community though is the enviable amount of PEs Ray has sported courtesy of the Jumpman over the years. Today Josiah Lake – formerly responsible for all of those Air Jordan Retro models seen at the start of the aughts – broke out this Air Jordan XI Ray Allen PE. Continue reading to get a full view of this player exclusive and hopefully we get another look at the shoe in the near future.

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