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Air Jordan 13: Dwyane Wade “Flash-3″ Heat PE

January 30th, 2014 By

While brief, Dwyane Wade’s time at Jordan Brand is definitely fond in the collective memories of Jordan fans everywhere strictly based at how similar Dwyane’s younger years were to Jordans in terms of slashing to the basket and hovering in the air. And although Dwyane ended up sporting only a handful of sneakers for the Jumpman, his PEs remain rare enough to have fans salivating over them despite his absence from the brand today. Here we get a look at an enticing Heat PE in the form of an Air Jordan 13 that features a white base while the sole features an interesting black and yellow to give it a similar aesthetic to the Heat’s home court. What do you think of this pair? Hit the gallery for a better look and grab this player exclusive that features “Flash-3″ stitching on the tongue with a lightning bolt today via phyuck_yo_kixx on eBay.

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Daily Deal: Air Jordan 2010 “Silver Anniversary”

September 5th, 2013 By

When the Air Jordan 2010 was announced, it came with some lofty expectations when its original press release featured Michael Jordan and Dwyane Wade side by side holding the latest Air Jordan with a transparent window to showcase how MJ could size up his opponents and see right through them. Whether it was successful or not, it’s fun to remember Wade’s short stay with JB and how the brand couldn’t in fact see through time. Today’s Daily Deal is the special edition “Silver Anniversary” colorway of the Air Jordan 2010 that Wade wore during that year’s All Star Game where he would bring home MVP honors. With a silver metallic finish on the toebox and perforated leather upper, an icy blue sole holds the bottom down while a healthy dose of white on the midsole and tongue keeps things simple. Head to the gallery to get a better look and pick up this shoe at a great price from sugarbear156 on eBay.

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Daily Deal: Jordan Fly Wade – “South Beach”

September 3rd, 2013 By

Dwyane Wade’s tenure on Jordan Brand was interesting and short-lived to say the least. It came as a surprise to many when he opted to leave his hero’s brand in lieu of paving his own way with Chinese brand Li-Ning for his new Way of Wade, but back in 2011, things were looking up for number 3 under number 23’s brand. LeBron had just arrived in South Beach and in honor of the occasion, his Nike LeBron VIII was hit with the now legendary “South Beach” look that took a vibrant teal and pink from the Miami Vice titles. The Jordan Fly Wade followed suit in an interesting combination that had the all black upper accented by an icy teal sole while accents of pink hit the laces and heel. While reception was mixed on the release, it definitely stands out as one of the more memorable Fly Wade looks, and you can still have your shot at owning them today and well under retail. Head to the gallery for more photos and pick them up from rwendt23 on eBay.

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Dwyane Wade Wearing Air Jordan IV “Toro”

July 10th, 2013 By

Dwyane Wade was caught red-handed, or red-footed rather when the former Jordan Brand athlete was photographed in his ex-brand’s upcoming Air Jordan IV ‘Toro’. Although he’s currently signed under Chinese brand Li-Ning, and his Way of Wade shoe hasn’t seen a stateside release besides a limited offering at Sneaker Con Miami, Wade got the fresh pair early and couldn’t wait to show them off despite parting ways with JB last year. Hit the jump for a better look and let us know your opinion on whether an athlete wearing another brand’s shoes is a good or bad look after the jump.

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Dwyane Wade Jordan Brand Retrospective

October 11th, 2012 By

Well folks, it’s a wrap on Dwyane Wade’s Jordan Brand career, as this week marks the official announcement of Dwyane Wade’s new endorsement deal with Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning. As one final send off for the man we thought it appropriate to put together a quick photo retrospective detailing his time with the company, a time that you have to imagine could have resulted in so much more had all the pieces clicked into place. Wade was a young Chicagoan, a superstar, and probably the athlete on the JB roster most built like Mike himself, but for whatever reason those elements apparently didn’t translate into the sales you would anticipate. Flip through our Dwyane Wade Air Jordan gallery and stay tuned with us as we keep our eyes on any youngsters to possibly fill that spot (we’re looking at you Russ).

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Dwyane Wade Was Close To Being A Chicago Bull

August 24th, 2012 By

Dwyane Wade’s Jordan Brand tenure isn’t the only connection to MJ that he’s got, after all the man grew up in Chicago idolizing Jordan as a hometown hero. Apparently those two connections nearly combined to pull Flash out to play for the Bulls from the Miami Heat. During a recent sit-down ahead of his Wade’s World foundation fundraiser Wade brought up a time in 2010 when he visited the Bulls, right around the same time they were trying to entice future teammates Chris Bosh and LeBron James. While the move obviously never materialized Wade cited the organization’s gift of a Chicago Bulls jersey featuring his number 3 that made it particularly hard to turn down, saying that he “turned into a kid again” when he put it on. Click through for the video with Wade and stick with us for developments on his Jordan Brand athlete status.

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Dwyane Wade and Jordan Brand To Part Ways?

August 17th, 2012 By

Rumors are floating about that the Dwyane Wade and Jordan Brand partnership may soon come to an end. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, word is that the Jordan Fly Wade 3 has been cancelled and that he may be making the move to Chinese footwear company Li-Ning. Why the split? One of the cited reasons includes lackluster sales for the Jordan Fly Wade line. Stay with Jordans Daily for more concrete info as the story develops and we find out whether or not Dwyane Wade is leaving Jordan Brand.

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Michael Jordan Fan Receives Fake Dwyane Wade Autograph

August 8th, 2012 By

The annual Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp is one of those rare events that MJ himself can be spotted at, an event that as you can imagine usually has a good amount of Air Jordan swag up for grabs. This year’s event left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of attendee Karim Khatib, who received the above pictured pair of Jordan Fly Wade sneakers boasting the autograph of Wade himself. Only thing is that when Khatib took to Twitter to show off the sneaks Wade responded back assuring him that that was not his actual autograph (and the sneakers themselves are a bit suspect, we can’t recall a pair of the first Fly Wade’s with that logo on the tongue). Click through for shots from the exchange and stay with us for word on whether Jordan Brand rectifies the situation.

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Air Jordan XII: Dwyane Wade Miami Heat Away PE

August 3rd, 2012 By

The days of Dwyane Wade getting outfitted with exclusive Air Jordan retro colorways are likely in the books, what with the man having his own footwear line within the JB umbrella to take care of him. That doesn’t mean we’ve seen it all thought, as gems like this Air Jordan XII done up in Miami Heat styling are still lurking. Hit the jump with us to get all the angles on this super rare PE, one that will no doubt enjoy an increased level of interest what with that Miami chip for 2012, and check out the price courtesy of oregonsole on eBay.

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Dwyane Wade Wearing Air Jordan III “Oregon”

July 27th, 2012 By

Our Olympic coverage has been unfortunately missing the likes of Dwyane Wade, with Flash opting out of the festivities this summer in order to better preserve his body what with that knee surgery and all. And while being away from the game is likely not an easy task for a man who lives basketball like Wade, but he seems to be enjoying himself nonetheless, spotted here out in Beverly Hills with the Air Jordan III ‘Oregon’ on feet. Click through for the full size shots and let us know what you think of this Dwyane Wade fit. Photos: SR

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Air Jordan III “Sport Blue”