Back in the day, Michael Jordan’s likeness was a constant fixture across pretty much all types of media. And while limitless Sports¬†Illustrated clippings have no doubt been collected, and a huge number of classic performances taped on VHS, one of the sets that we’re sure has eluded many is the group of Michael’s Wheaties Box appearances. That old-timey signifier of excellent achievements in the world of sports was something a lot of our parents probably chucked out after the breakfast contents of the box were gone.

We’ve spotted a set out in the wild however, with five different boxes featuring MJ doing his thing. The boxes span the early years of the Air Jordan legacy, with the Air Jordan II and the Air Jordan V showing up. The Air Jordan V ‘Grape’ photo is a particularly precious piece of history, as believe it or not there aren’t very many photos out there of the man himself in this classic colorway. Check all the images of this Michael Jordan Wheaties Box collection after the jump and take a look at the auction now from r.a.w. on eBay.