It is said that every rabbit has his day, and perhaps this is that day. This post is so special it had to begin with a cliché because Jordans Daily is bringing you the scoop on perhaps one of the most unique pairs of Hare Jordans you’ve ever laid eyes on. No, that isn’t a typo, these Air Jordan VII Bordeauxs were made as a concept sneaker for Bugs Bunny. The idea for these originated with a marketing campaign featuring Michael Jordan as himself, and the future Looney Tunes all star Bugs Bunny as Hare Jordan. The shape of the sneaker has been completely warped to fit the foot of the mischievous cartoon rabbit while still maintaining the general likeness of the original. They feature a special cleft toe cap with a super skinny foot hole (about the size of the large end of a carrot) that expands into an impossibly large upper for a foot that logically could not squeeze through the opening, but logic has never seemed to be a problem for Bugs. And in this case logic hasn’t impeded the maker of this sneaker either. These sneakers are currently on display for your viewing pleasure on the Nike campus in the “Michael Jordan” building.