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Air Jordan 5: “Smash” Customs by Sekure D

November 26th, 2013 By

Sekure D returns with another Air Jordan 5 custom after his Despicable Me referencing silhouette emerged a week ago. Today the comic book fan chooses the Incredible Hulk as his inspiration atop an Air Jordan 5 “Grape” that takes the super hero’s morphing green muscles to task by covering the toebox with a hand painted look while David Banner’s purple clothes rip on the back heel. The side panels get an interesting subtle treatment as well, as they feature a cool grey esque color with cement cracking while clean white is retained for the mesh ventilation and lace loops. Hit the gallery for a better look and let us know what you think of this latest custom in the comments.

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Air Jordan 5: “Minion” Customs by Sekure D

November 19th, 2013 By

If the Air Jordan 5 “Laney” release wasn’t enough yellow and blue for you, then look no further than Sekure D’s latest creation, as he draws inspiration from the massively successful and critically-acclaimed Despicable Me franchise to turn the classic Jordan silhouette into an homage to Steve Carrell’s little helpers. The Minion callout here is fairly obvious as the upper sports their yellow color with hairs drawn to mimic their bald spare heads while a denim speckle hits the toebox for their overalls. Hit the gallery for a better view and let us know what you think of Sekure D’s latest work in the comments.

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Air Jordan IV: “Asphalt” Customs by Sekure D

November 5th, 2013 By

Sekure D has been bringing his original flair to classic Jordan silhouettes for some time now, and a personal favorite of both his and ours is the ubiquitous Air Jordan IV. While it brought that timeless cement speckle to the forefront and his been imitated time and time again by rival brands and reused by the Jumpman themselves, today Sekure D takes inspiration from the industrial staple and takes it a step further with his “Asphalt” customs. Painting a pebbled look in grey, black and even a hint of white, the tongue is hit with a contrasting cement speckle to give it a grayscale look. What do you think of these customs? Hit the gallery for a better view and let us know in the comments.

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Air Jordan 5: “Mech V” Customs by Sekure D

October 25th, 2013 By

Earlier this week we were graced with another Sekure D custom using his signature robot print in a collaboration with JBF Customs for a “Cobra Commander” look. Today we see the Australian customizer back at it again, using the Air Jordan V “Grape” as his canvas, and while he keeps the Hornets-esque color schemes atop the tongue and midsole, the rest of the silhouette is hit with those comic-book robot arms in two different contrasting grays  He also decided to redo the ’23’ on the back heel panel while an aquamarine speckled print contrasts the mechanical look in the front. Continue reading to see the full images of this crazy custom and let us know where you think this ranks among Sekure D’s recent work.

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Air Jordan V: “Cobra Commander” by JBF Customs x Sekure D

October 22nd, 2013 By

JBF Customs has been upping the ante in the Customs game for quite some time now with his snakeskin adorning silhouettes turning heads each time he releases a new rendition. In his latest creation, JBF teamed up with another well-known creator in Sekure D to showcase their handywork atop the ever-popular Air Jordan V with their “Cobra Commander” one-off. Of course it features that red-reptilian texture, this time making its way to the back heel panel in addition to being stitched onto the front toe box. While we’ve seen a Freaker Sneaks “Cobra Commander” custom previously, how do you think this collaborative creation compares? Hit the gallery for a better look and let us know in the comments section.

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Air Jordan IV: “TIFFiti” Customs by Sekure D

October 8th, 2013 By

Sekure D brings us another comic-book graffiti inspired custom over the crowd pleasing Air Jordan IV silhouette, but this time the sneaker comes with a twist harkening back to the classic Nike SB and Diamond Supply Co’s holy-grail “Tiffany” collaboration. Mixing in the Air Jordan’s signature black and fire red scheme, the vibrant blue hue synonymous with the skate brand can be found throughout the model, whether it’s hitting the tongue or the cartoon like bubble pattern on the upper half of the shoe. Head to the gallery to get a better look at this crazy work from Sekure D and let us know what you think.

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Air Jordan IV: “Sinner City” Customs by Sekure D

October 3rd, 2013 By

Sekure D continues his Sin City motif atop another classic Air Jordan, this time covering the Air Jordan IV in Frank Miller’s iconic black and white visuals with a hint of fire red in a perfect pairing that’s starting to make celebrities take notice, as the Dallas Maverick’s own Bernard James purchased this pair. Unfortunately the Mavs kind of go the opposite way in terms of uniform colors so we won’t be seeing these hit the hardwood anytime soon. With a comic book gradient on the mudguard and the upper hit with a black sky with white rain drops, the shoe also features graffiti like lettering. Head to the gallery for a better look and let us know what you think of these Sin City customs in the comments.

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Air Jordan III: “Sin City” Customs by Sekure D

August 20th, 2013 By

One of sneaker customization’s veterans, Sekure D has always had his hand in displaying comic book graphics on top of some classic silhouettes as his canvas. Today we get another look at one of Sekure D’s favorites in Frank Miller’s dark neo-noir Sin City resting atop the Air Jordan III. Keeping the fire red midsole intact, the upper is hit with graffiti-esque graphics while the elephant print resorts to a minimalist black and white. Head to the gallery to get a better look at this exclusive custom and pick up a pair today from Sekure D.

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Air Jordan III “Orlando Magic” Customs by Sekure D

July 1st, 2013 By

The Air Jordan III was released a year before the Orlando Magic came into conception, but it didn’t take long for the expansion team to start making waves in the Eastern Conference after snagging a pair of rookies named Hardaway and O’Neal. In fact, one of them even got their own Air Jordan IX PE. Building on all that 90s nostalgia is custom artist Sekure D, who takes Jordan’s third model and brings us all kinds of crazy with comic book looking gradients, a royal blue patterned upper, and matching custom elephant print in his “Orlando Magic” Air Jordan III customs. Hit the jump for more images and let us know if you’d snag a pair were they to ever hit retail.

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Air Jordan IX: “Nite Owl” Customs by Sekure D

April 4th, 2013 By

Sekure D is back at it with his Watchmen series of Air Jordan customs, this time referencing the Batman-like character of Nite Owl. The Air Jordan IX shown is perhaps the least graphical of his work in this set so far, with the little crescent moon icon that lands on the toe box being the only addition aside from the obvious brand new colorway in place. Continue reading for a full gallery on the Sekure D Air Jordan IX “Nite Owl” custom and watch for them to release on Saturday at Sekure D’s online store.

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Air Jordan III “Sport Blue”