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Air Jordan XIII “Cork” Customs by Emmanuelabor – Teaser

January 14th, 2013 By

What’s the next wave in the world of custom sneakers? It looks like it might be ‘Cork’ riffing off of that upcoming and hotly anticipated Nike LeBron X release. Pictured here is a soon to be revealed remix of the Air Jordan XIII by Emmanuel Labor that puts the beautiful brown substance all over its upper. Continue reading to check out the rest of the preview and stay with Jordans Daily for the full reveal on Emmanuelabor’s Air Jordan XIII ‘Cork’ custom.

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Air Jordan IV “Command Force” Customs by Emmanuelabor

December 12th, 2012 By

This new Air Jordan custom from Emmanuel Labor pushes things past the typical colorway treatment, outfitting the sneaker with a number of little augmentations to bring it closer to the Nike Air Command Force inspiration. The typical side netting panel is stripped out for a linear look and the tongue gets upgraded with a little button to mimic the pump mechanism. Click through with us to check out the crazy Air Jordan IV ‘Command Force’ custom and let us know what you think of the work in the comments after the jump.

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Air Jordan III: “Python Supreme” Customs by EmmanueLabor

October 9th, 2012 By

Sneaker inspiration comes circle on this brand new piece from rising name in the custom world EmmanueLabor, with the Air Jordan III shown grabbing at the latest Supreme x Nike SB Dunk release, a pair originally built on the Air Jordan III. Keeping it from being just a red paint job, EL also outfits the upper with a scaly python look, plunging the sneaker even further into the animal kingdom. Click through to get the full look and drop us your thoughts on this pair in the comments below.

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Air Jordan V: “Oregon Pit Crew” Customs By Emmanuelabor

September 21st, 2012 By

Will the University of Oregon get decked out yet another awesome retro exclusive for the coming academic year? Folks out in Eugene sure hope so, but for the rest of us there are other options, like the many custom creations that have riffed off that theme. The latest is the Air Jordan V upgraded with the ‘Oregon Pit Crew’ look, featuring the ubiquitous ‘O’ on the reflective tongue. Click through for a better look at this Emmanuel Labor piece in the gallery of shots we’ve got lined up.

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Air Jordan IV: “Wheaties” Customs by Emmanuel Labor

September 4th, 2012 By

For all the ways in which sneaker technology is advancing in the modern era has it really taken this long for someone to package a bit of breakfast along with a pair? Alright so this custom isn’t exactly meant to be functional, but rather a tribute to Michael Jordan’s mainstay status on Wheaties cereal boxes of yesterday, creator Emmanuel Labor painting up a pair of the Air Jordan IV ‘Military’ with the orange of that iconic box. Click through for all the shots and let us know what you think of this ‘Wheaties’ Air Jordan IV in the comments below.

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Air Jordan III “Sport Blue”