Air Jordan VII ‘Raptors’

The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan 7 “Raptors” – 2002 The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan 7 “Raptors” – 2002

April 7, 2017 BY / 0 5 / 5

Blame the effectiveness of the Toronto Raptors’ color scheme. The original black and red Air Jordan 7 released in December 2002 for the first time as a retro, but quickly took on...Read More

NBA Live 15 Showcases Air Jordan Retro Renderings

September 17, 2014 BY / 0 0 / 5

NBA basketball games are at the point in this technological age where jump shots are spot on, player intros feature baby powder, and rosters are automatically upgraded to be up to date...Read More

Drew League: Week 13 – Jordans On Feet Recap

August 15, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Drew League has been going strong all summer with some prime NBA talent showing up from the likes of James Harden as a part of his Money Gang with rapper The Game to Kevin Durant m...Read More

 eBay Marketplace Logo "Just Don Air Jordan 2 Arctic Orange"
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Vintage Gear: Sky Jordan VII “Raptors” OG

April 8, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

Do you remember when the smaller sized Air Jordans weren’t actually called Air Jordans? Back in the day their lack of actual Nike Air technology was one reflected in their offici...Read More

Air Jordan OG Collection Lot on eBay

March 4, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you had an OG Air Jordan wishlist, what would you put on it? We’d be surprised if this strong auction didn’t have at least some overlap with that, as the group features ...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan VII OG “Raptors” – 1992

November 12, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you’re not taking part in the Air Jordan VII ‘Raptors’ restock going down later in the month, you could always pick up an original pair instead. Shown here is just...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – November Re-release

November 12, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

The latest Air Jordan retro pair to get a full on re-release is the Air Jordan VII ‘Raptors’, with a restock set to go down on November 24th. That is of course just one day...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – Release Reminder

August 31, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Over the past few days we’ve been pretty concerned with keeping you updating on the October Jordan Brand designs, but let’s not forgot that September is a few short hours a...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – Arriving in Stores

August 28, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Last year we saw an Air Jordan VII retro that was quite the cause for rejoicing, the ‘Bordeaux’ that was re-released for the first time since its 1992 debut. For next month...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – Available on eBay

August 24, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

The month of August saw the Air Jordan VII get about as far from its original makeup as possible thanks to the two J2K pairs and the gold and black from the ‘GMP’ release. ...Read More

Air Jordan 7: “Raptors”

August 5, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Are you feeling any better about the wait ahead for this OG colored Air Jordan VII now that the official images are out there? If you’re still a bit jittery about the pair, set t...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – Official Images

August 1, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

We all knew it was coming but Jordan Brand has gone and made it official, dropping off some high quality shots of the Air Jordan VII sometimes known as the ‘Raptors’ one mo...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors”

June 26, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

This particular colorway of the Air Jordan VII is one of those that’s been retrod plenty of times before, in the Defining Moments Pack of 2009 as well as back in 2002, but still ...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – Available Early on eBay

June 11, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Will 2012 go down in the history books as a better year for the OG colored Air Jordan models releasing or for the pairs that add on extra twist? The neo-Olympic stylings of the Golden ...Read More

Air Jordan VII: “Raptors” – New Photos

May 31, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Toronto Raptors don’t have too terribly much to celebrate right now after locking down a middling eighth pick in last night’s NBA draft lottery, but on the bright side ...Read More


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