Air Jordan VI ‘Olympic’

NBA Jordans on Court: Around The League – 11/11 – 11/12

November 13, 2013 BY / 0 5 / 5

The ups and downs of an early NBA season can be expected, but one thing that’s been interesting to this young schedule has been the amount of footwear changes, especially with Jo...Read More

NBA Jordans on Court: Around The League – 11/04 – 11/05

November 6, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

It was a big past couple of days for Jordan Brand in regards to being featured on the feet of the finest basketball players in the world. While they recently signed Kawhi Leonard to a ...Read More

Foot Locker Plans Air Jordan Retro Restocks

August 14, 2012 BY / 0 3 / 5

Have you missed out on any of the coveted Air Jordan retro releases over the past couple of months? If so then the secondary market isn’t your last hope, as there’s a prett...Read More

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Air Jordan VI “Olympic” Gasmask by Freehand Profit

August 9, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Normally we wouldn’t condone such un-patriotic behavior as chopping up the red, white, and blue but in this case we’re not talking about the actual American flag so we̵...Read More

The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan VI “Olympic” – 2000

July 18, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Did you get your pair of the Air Jordan VI ‘Olympic’ 2012 retro on their recent release? In case you did miss out why not go the extra mile and pick up a real relic, a pair...Read More

Air Jordan VI: “Olympic” 2000 vs. 2012 Comparison

July 7, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

How is the quest for the Air Jordan VI ‘Olympic’ going for you? There’s no doubt it’s set to be among the most sought after retros in 2012, but on this particul...Read More

Air Jordan VI: “Olympic” – Release Reminder

July 6, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Olympic trials are still going down for plenty of sporting events across the world, but Jordan Brand is eager to get the festivities going already. Marking the first major retro releas...Read More

Air Jordan VI: “Olympic” – Official Images

July 3, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

There’s something sorta relieving about finally seeing the official images of a long awaited retro isn’t there? When you spot the Jordan Brand approved shots you know that ...Read More

Air Jordan VI: “Olympic” Arriving in Stores

July 1, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

With the 4th of July just a few days away you can get bet that the whole country is gonna be on red, white, and blue overload. Sneakerheads will certainly join in the cause as well alb...Read More

Air Jordan VI GS: “Olympic”

June 28, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Is that wait really almost over? Yep, we’re just a week and some change away from the Air Jordan VI ‘Olympic’ finally making its way to retail shelves for the first t...Read More

Air Jordan VI: ‘Olympic’ 2012 Retro – New Images

May 30, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

These days most of the ‘Olympic’ talk has centered around the Air Jordan VII, what with the two models tied up in that theme for the summer showing their face more often th...Read More

Air Jordan VI: ‘Olympic’ 2012 Sample

May 3, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Can you notice a little incongruity between the sample shot above and the other photos we’ve shown you previewing the 2012 version of the Air Jordan VI ‘Olympic’? Tha...Read More

Air Jordan Olympic 2012 Releases

April 30, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Are you ready for this summer’s onslaught of Air Jordan retros? Dominating the range will be the Olympic themed releases, a set anchored specifically by the Air Jordan VI and Air...Read More

Air Jordan 6: ‘Olympic’ – New Photos

April 23, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Along with the impending Olympic season will come a landslide of patriotic sneakers all wrapped up in the red, white, and blue look. One such sneaker approaching the theme in a particu...Read More

Air Jordan VI: ‘Olympic’ – New Photos

April 21, 2012 BY / 0 0 / 5

Are your Air Jordan XII ‘Playoffs’ securely in your possession? Good. Next big retro on the way? Well it’s going to be a busy couple of months ahead but this Air Jord...Read More


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