Air Jordan V ‘Grape’

Air Jordan 5 “Grape” Takes Lego Form

May 18, 2015 BY / 0 4 / 5

The concept of Air Jordans as Legos took another twist today with the reveal of an Air Jordan 5 “Grape” edition. Artist and sneaker fan Tom Yoo built up the white, purple a...Read More

Air Jordan V Grape Meets Nike SB Dunk

April 14, 2015 BY / 0 4 / 5

Black Sheep Skate Shop of Charlotte, North Carolina has previewed an upcoming sneaker with an inspiration that ties together various elements just about as smoothly as any we’...Read More

Air Jordan Retro Restock at Foot Locker this April 19th

April 16, 2014 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you have a size 15 or larger, then this weekend might just be one of the best weekends in history for you to grab all of those Air Jordan Retros you may have missed out on the past....Read More

Eastbay Plans Massive Restock of Air Jordan Retros for April 19th

April 14, 2014 BY / 0 0 / 5

We’ve seen a number of enticing retro restocks this year for Air Jordans, whether it be that Final Four celebratory weekend release or even the opening of Jordan Brand’s Fl...Read More

Vintage Gear: “Breakfast of Champions” Jordan x Wheaties T-Shirt

February 6, 2014 BY / 0 0 / 5

Wheaties has had a long-standing history of putting athletes on the front of their cereal boxes (in fact, the early morning staple has been the “Breakfast of Champions” sin...Read More

Air Jordan 5: “Mech V” Customs by Sekure D

October 25, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

Earlier this week we were graced with another Sekure D custom using his signature robot print in a collaboration with JBF Customs for a “Cobra Commander” look. Today we see...Read More

Vintage Gear: Air Jordan 5 “Grape” Warm-Up Suit

October 8, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Air Jordan 5 “Grape” finally got its retro this past year, and it even warranted a surprising unofficial away iteration in the Air Jordan 5 “Black Grape”. K...Read More

Hulk Hogan Shows Off More of His Air Jordan Collection

September 25, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

Celebrities live in a weird world where unimaginable pairings and connections happen that nobody would ever think would fit together – for example Hulk Hogan got the Jordan Brand...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

June 3, 2013 BY / 0 5 / 5

Rather than being crushed, the Air Jordan V “Grape” is this time chopped up for the sake of another Freehand Profit creation. The brand new gas mask has the puffy grape-fla...Read More

Air Jordan V “Grape” Socks

May 30, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Air Jordan V “Grape” socks were an inevitability, really. Usually the retro booties made to match with the hotter colorways in the retro lineup of Jordans precede the s...Read More

Air Jordan V: “Grape” – Release Reminder

May 3, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Air Jordan V “Grape” releases tomorrow, May 4th. This iteration of the shoe marks only the second time ever that it’s been given the retro treatment. As you can s...Read More

Air Jordan V: “Grape” – Arriving in Stores

April 25, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The grapes are almost ready for harvest. The OG Air Jordan V colorway will be back on May 4th, 2013. Of course there’s also the “Black Grape” variation coming just un...Read More

Rip Hamilton Shows Off Air Jordan V “Grape” Stock

April 25, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you’re a Jordan Brand athlete, run of the mill retail releases are no problem to pick up. Most of the time you’ll even get them before their release date. And some of th...Read More

Rip Hamilton Shows Off Air Jordan Pick-Ups

April 17, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you pay attention to the two athletes across social media you’ll know that Chicago Bulls teammates Nate Robinson and Rip Hamilton partake in a fair amount of poking fun at eac...Read More

Air Jordan V: “Grape” – Official Images

April 11, 2013 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Air Jordan V “Grape” has officially arrived. And by that we mean the official images from the Jordan Brand team are here, showing off the May 2013 release in all its gl...Read More


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