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Air Jordan III: “Un-Pit Crew” – Available on eBay

August 15th, 2013 By

The Air Jordan III has been said by many to be the best signature in Michael Jordan’s catalogue and has a special place in the Nike anthology as Tinker Hatfield’s first shoe with Jordan Brand. Since Nike headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon it’s no surprise that the football team gets decked out with some crazy gear or that they get exclusive versions of the Air Jordan III “Pit Crew”. Today we get a view of a rare sample that may have been on its way to being a “Pit Crew” model but ditches the signature stitching on the side panels for a normal Air Jordan III look. Replacing the Jordan logos with the Oregon University logo on the tongue and duck feet on the back heel, these are some of the most exclusive Air Jordans to find. Head to the gallery to get a better look at this rare Air Jordan III PE and pick it up today from fobxguru on eBay.

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Air Jordan III: “Oregon” – Tinker Hatfield Autographed Pair

March 29th, 2013 By

If there’s anyone involved with the Air Jordan line besides Michael himself who can help attach a good amount of sentimental value to a pair of sneakers with his sig then it’s Tinker Hatfield. The legendary designer did just that with this pair of the Air Jordan III “Oregon”, a sneaker that was given out exclusively to football players for the University of Oregon’s Ducks squad last year. Get a full look at the Tinker Hatfield autographed Air Jordan III “Oregon” below and then check out the price from imaclabby on eBay.

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Air Jordan III + IV: “Oregon Ducks” Collection

December 27th, 2012 By

Yeah the ‘Nike Air’ on the back of a pair of retros is a big deal, but how about a totally different emblem that’s never made its way onto a regular Air Jordan release before? Gathered here is a super rare set of pairs: the Air Jordan III and Air Jordan IV pairs crafted with the University of Oregon look. The Air Jordan III has to separate colorups: the Air Jordan III ‘Pit Crew’ and the Air Jordan III ‘Oregon’, black and white variations that were available to fans and players only, respectively. After that it’s the more recent Air Jordan IV ‘Oregon Ducks’, one that appears to have been given to players (and a couple celebrities) only. Check out both in the gallery and let us know which of these rare pairs you’d most want in your collection.

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Dwyane Wade Wearing Air Jordan III “Oregon”

July 27th, 2012 By

Our Olympic coverage has been unfortunately missing the likes of Dwyane Wade, with Flash opting out of the festivities this summer in order to better preserve his body what with that knee surgery and all. And while being away from the game is likely not an easy task for a man who lives basketball like Wade, but he seems to be enjoying himself nonetheless, spotted here out in Beverly Hills with the Air Jordan III ‘Oregon’ on feet. Click through for the full size shots and let us know what you think of this Dwyane Wade fit. Photos: SR

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Air Jordan III “Sport Blue”