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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan “Flight Club” Package

January 14th, 2014 By

Today we all take for granted the accessibility of everything Jordan thanks to having the internet at our disposal, but if you wer around in the 90s to see Mike do his thing on the court then you might also remember the lack of lines to pick up the latest release of his shoes and maybe even remember subscribing to the likes of catalogues like Eastbay and Jordan Flight Club to get all of your JB updates. While we’ve seen plenty of Flight Club merchandise int he past, today’s vintage gear is a stockpile of everything Flight Club – in fact the entire lot includes around 15 items total from the days of monthly subscriptions ranging from an exclusive Jordan duffel bag to the original member acceptance letter and poster. So, just incase you are a fan of nostalgia and never got the chance to renew your Flight Club membership or were to young to, this vintage lot can make up for it. Hit the click for full images and purchase the stock pile today via admurray47274 on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Flight Club Poster

December 20th, 2013 By

Before the internet, if you were a fan of Jordan Brand you had two ways to get the latest upcoming information about His Airness and the products that would be releasing under his Jumpman imprint – Eastbay or being a Jordan Flight Club Member. The monthly subscription service came with its fair share of goodies, from catalogues to posters and accompanying calendars featuring advertisements of the latest gear. Today’s vintage gear is straight from that subscription service as we find a poster included in one of the packages of Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 6 White/Infrared. And with the imminent release of that shoe in 2014 for its 23rd anniversary, this poster would make for a cool room feature next to your new pair. Grab it today via ahldpm30 on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan Flight Club Poster and Catalogue

October 17th, 2013 By

With an endless number of blogs and a 24 hour news cycle thanks to the worldwide web, the Jordan Flight Club fizzled out as people can be instantly up to date with the latest Jordans (just check our site). But back in the days of snail mail, people looked forward to receiving the monthly product guides and once a year exclusives like a poster or calendar. Today’s vintage gear is a tri-fold catalogue from 1990-91 with MJ in the Air Jordan VI “White/Maroon” on the cover that details a bunch of lifestyle items including a Little Tikes like hoop with the signature Jumpman on it. A poster of MJ wearing the Flight Club t-shirt with his Air Jordan 6 “White/Infrared” is featured as well. Hit the gallery for a better look and grab this item from pfunk on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan Flight Club “Welcome Pack”

May 22nd, 2013 By

Folks who were early on to the Michael Jordan craze might remember the Air Jordan Flight Club. That group was an exclusive fan club developed around the time of the Air Jordan IV, one that held some of the first exclusive MJ stuff via the goodies available in its mailings. Gathered here is an incredible original package that contains all the items sent out upon initial joining, including a membership card, a t-shirt, a letter from MJ, and more. Get a look at this incredible Air Jordan Flight Club find in better detail right after the jump.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan Flight Club Coffee Mug

April 11th, 2013 By

Your Air Jordan collection game really isn’t up to snuff until you have the coffee mug. Shown here is a vintage cup from the Air Jordan Flight Club days, one that features some simple Jumpman branding along with the text pointing to that Michael Jordan fan club of old. See this rare piece of Jordan memorabilia in better detail after the jump and bid on the piece now from kevstoppfinds on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Nike Air Jordan Flight Club Crewneck Sweater

February 7th, 2013 By

Long before Flight Club was the place where you would go to resell your sneakers, it was the official fan club of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan line. Featured here is one of the tie-in apparel items from that now bygone club, a simple crewneck featuring the circular Air Jordan Flight Club logo across the front. Get a better look at this grey-tag era Nike garment in our gallery after the jump and then purchase the piece for yourself from freshfliedfish on eBay.

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The Daily Jordan: Air Jordan VI – Black – Infrared – 1991

January 29th, 2013 By

The Air Jordan VI ‘Infrared’ is a sneaker we’ve featured before for The Daily Jordan, but a pair in this kind of pristine condition is too rare of a find not to shed some light on. This one even comes with the Flight Club insert originally packaged with the sneakers. Continue reading for a full gallery on the 1991 Air Jordan VI release and then bid on them from madagascarpinguine on eBay.

Air Jordan VI

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Vintage Gear: Nike Air Jordan Flight Club T-Shirt

January 7th, 2013 By

Were you a member of the now long-gone Air Jordan Flight Club back in the day? The fan club had quite a few associated memorabilia items that are rather hard to track down at the moment. This shirt is one of the more basic ones, featuring the circular ‘Air Jordan Flight Club’ branding on both the front and the back of the vintage Nike tee. Continue reading for the detailed shots of this shirt and then check out the size that’s up for grab right now from jump-the-gun on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan Flight Club 1991 Calender

December 4th, 2012 By

Our vintage feature for the day is a piece of Air Jordan memorabilia that you had to be a real fanatic to get your hands on back in the day, the Air Jordan Flight Club calender from 1991. The cool promo item came packaged in one of Michael Jordan’s many Wheaties box appearances, the inner fold prompting folks to sign up for the fan club. Click through to check out this vintage Air Jordan calender and buy it now from gordonw203 on eBay.

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Vintage Air Jordan Flight Club Glasses

March 5th, 2012 By

We’ve been putting you up on a fair number of killer vintage finds on eBay, the majority of which have been original pieces of apparel that launched in line with a particular Air Jordan model. The latest goodie we’ve come across never even made it to retail though, making them that much more of a prized possession for Jordan Brand collectors. The item in question is a pair of Air Jordan Flight Club branded sunglasses given away to folks who signed up for this early iteration of Michael Jordan’s fan club. While the exact date of production isn’t clear, we can narrow it down to 1988 at the earliest given the presence of the Jumpman logo. The pair is black on the base with some hot pink color lacing the rims and accents, and even comes with the original carrying case. Check out the images we’ve got of this pair of vintage Air Jordan Flight Club glasses and bid on the auction now from cynthia_fagen on eBay.

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