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Air Jordan XX3: “Chicago” – Michael Jordan Autograph Available on eBay

March 19th, 2014 By

Air Jordan XX3: Chicago   Michael Jordan Autograph Available on eBay

The Air Jordan 23 had to be a memorable silhouette for the Jordan signature series given the number that it represents, and JB didn’t disappoint with an intricate design that looks to hold up through the test of time. While sneakers like the “Titanium” edition and “Finale” were reserved for incredibly limited releases (the Air Jordan 23 “Titanium” alone would only see 529 pairs) today we get a look at a very special “Chicago” pair. The shoe that features the colorway of the Bulls in a Home aesthetic may have released in a wider rendition than the aforementioned pairs, but with Mike’s signature, this is a rare find to say the least. Hit the click for a better view and grab it today via worldofstarsplus on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1976 Autographed Yearbook

February 28th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1976 Autographed Yearbook

There’s a plethora of rare Michael Jordan memorabilia pieces from his time as a member of the Chicago Bulls (and even as a player on the Wizards, Tar Heels and Birmingham Barons) but occasionally we stumble across something from earlier times before that. Usually it’s an old classmate or a neighbor trying to reap the rewards of Michael Jordan’s worldwide fame as today we find ourselves looking at an old yearbook from 1976 that even features his autograph (His Airness would be 13 at the time of scribing ‘Mike’ across his own black and white photo). Hit the click if you want to get a better look at what MJ’s autograph looked like before people were desperately trying to grab it and know that you can own this rare and albiet strange piece of memorabilia from Mike’s time as an elementary school student via mjuncfan on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: 30,000 Points Patch Michael Jordan Autographed Wizards Jersey

February 3rd, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: 30,000 Points Patch Michael Jordan Autographed Wizards Jersey

Although his time with the Wizards is primarily forgotten in the grand scheme of things, his time in Washington as a part-owner turned player did serve as a significant bench mark for a couple of reasons. Not only did MJ still prove that he could hoop, (he reached over 40 points on a number of occasions and had the Wizards contending for a playoff position each season) but he also surpassed the 30,000 point mark, an achievement only matched by four other players in history. Today we get a very rare vintage gear in the form of this signed home edition of a Washington Wizards jersey that features a 30,000 point patch with the date His Airness reached the feat: January 2nd, 2002. Be sure to check out more images of this find in our gallery, and if you have any intentions of owning this piece of MJ memorabilia know that the item is available today via djteshno on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Game Issued Olympic “Dream Team” Away Uniform

January 31st, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Game Issued Olympic Dream Team Away Uniform

In 1992, the Olympic committee voted to allow professional players belonging to the NBA to participate in the Barcelona Olympics and in doing so, opened the floodgates of basketball’s popularity potential worldwide when Michael Jordan and a bevy of stars suited up for America for the first time. Today’s vintage gear takes us back to one of the most influential sports teams in history with this game issued (meaning that it hung in MJ’s locker and was either used for a photo opportunity or a backup) uniform set complete with Michael Jordan’s signature on his number 9 jersey. The stars avoided wearing their regular numbers to avoid player’s doubling up on numbers, and the tradition has continued today. Still in pristine condition, the set is the less popular Away jersey in navy blue (the American team was the top-seed and that meant their number of home games in the tournament allowed them to wear their white set more often). Be sure to check out this rare 1992 Barcelona Olympic find in the gallery, and if you have the extra $10,000 hanging around your bank account to pick up this exclusive piece of Michael Jordan memorabilia, then pick it up today via sdb23 on eBay.

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Michael Jordan’s Mom Disputes Authenticity of UNC Recruitment Letters

January 21st, 2014 By

Michael Jordans Mom Disputes Authenticity of UNC Recruitment Letters

A few weeks ago news of Michael Jordan’s official transcript at the University of North Carolina along with his original letters of recruitment were found in an abandon storage unit and made their way to auction. Of the most interesting finds, a personalized note by legendary Tar Heels head coach Dean Smith was included (which may or may not have led to Michael Jordan’s enrollment at the University). It’s safe to say that if these rare pieces of MJ memorabilia are authentic, and at the time of the news they were deemed official, that they are set to be sold off for an exorbitant fee. Now, the documents have come into question by none other than Michael Jordan’s own mother, Deloris Jordan, claiming that the letters are replicas and that she has the official documents herself. Current bids for the diploma are at $8,250 while the letters from Dean Smith and Assistant Coach Guthridge range from $11,794 and $2,500 respectively. Hit the click to get a full synopsis of the situation via ESPN and let us know your thoughts on the potential counterfeiting of Michael Jordan documents in the comments.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan “Flight Club” Package

January 14th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Air Jordan Flight Club Package

Today we all take for granted the accessibility of everything Jordan thanks to having the internet at our disposal, but if you wer around in the 90s to see Mike do his thing on the court then you might also remember the lack of lines to pick up the latest release of his shoes and maybe even remember subscribing to the likes of catalogues like Eastbay and Jordan Flight Club to get all of your JB updates. While we’ve seen plenty of Flight Club merchandise int he past, today’s vintage gear is a stockpile of everything Flight Club – in fact the entire lot includes around 15 items total from the days of monthly subscriptions ranging from an exclusive Jordan duffel bag to the original member acceptance letter and poster. So, just incase you are a fan of nostalgia and never got the chance to renew your Flight Club membership or were to young to, this vintage lot can make up for it. Hit the click for full images and purchase the stock pile today via admurray47274 on eBay.

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Michael Jordan’s Diploma, Recruiting Letters, and Transcript Up for Sale

January 10th, 2014 By

Michael Jordans Diploma, Recruiting Letters, and Transcript Up for Sale

Ever wonder what Michael Jordan studied in college besides how to make opponents look foolish on his way to becoming the NBA’s third overall pick? A man recently bought a storage locker and was surprised to find that the contents of said unit contained some incredible Michael Jordan memorabilia from his years as a student: his diploma, recruiting letters and even his college transcripts are now being auctioned off with a starting bid of USD $5,000. Included in the auction is a letter from the North Carolina recruiting staff that finishes with a handwritten note from Dean Smith who would go on to coach Michael Jordan to a national championship. Hit the gallery to see all of the exclusive items for sale and stay tuned for what the final bid on this rare find will be in the future.

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Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” Pair Sells for $104,765

December 12th, 2013 By

Michael Jordans Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Pair Sells for $104,765

If you can remember, a couple of weeks ago the story broke that Michael Jordan’s original Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” pair worn during the Utah Jazz in that historic game when MJ battled sickness to score 37 points en route to a game 5 victory were headed to auction. Grey Flannel Auctions rolled out all of the stops to promote the the shoes, including releasing the original details about how the shoes were acquired by the Jazz ball boy (an interesting tale dealing with the specific request for some apple sauce). It looks like it paid off as the bidding started off at $5,000 and didn’t end there – as the auction closed the shoes would go to the highest bid of $104,765. What do you think of the final bidding price for the historic shoes?

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Autographed Playboy 1982-1983 All-America Team Insert

December 11th, 2013 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Autographed Playboy 1982 1983 All America Team Insert

Yes, Michael Jordan was in an issue of Playboy – the magazine was once heralded as an exciting place to get short stories published in and had a fairly respectable editorial staff that pushed the boundaries of print media for some time. Back in the day, the magazine ran an annual All-American team feature for college basketball, and of course during the 1982-83 season – a year before he would take home the Naismith and Wooden College Player of the Year Awards- MJ was selected to be in the issue. To push the exclusivity of this item, MJ even signed this particular copy so hit the gallery for a better view and while it doesn’t come with the rest of the magazine (sorry) you can grab this rare item from newyorknewyork45 on eBay.

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Air Jordan 2: “Melo” – Michael Jordan Autographed Pair on eBay

December 9th, 2013 By

Air Jordan 2: Melo   Michael Jordan Autographed Pair on eBay

As much as fans out in Denver would like to forget about Melo leaving them high and dry for the bright lights of the Big Apple, if you’re a fan of sneakers then you know that with all of the “Nuggets” themed player exclusives given to Carmelo that those memories won’t go away. Today we get a glimpse at an oddity within that category in the form of this home themed Air Jordan 2. With the baby blue and varsity maize accents, the shoe dons a signature on the side panel, but instead of belonging to Carmelo Anthony, it’s even more exclusive thanks to the ink belonging to Michael Jordan. Hit the gallery for a better view and if you’re really feeling this rare find grab it via kick_culture on eBay.

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