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Air Jordan 5 Retro – Sample from 1995

March 7th, 2014 By

Air Jordan 5 Retro   Sample from 1995

Was the Air Jordan 5 supposed to be retroed back in 1995? According to this rare sample of the infamous 3M tongue featuring fire red detailing was supposed to see retail shelves again after successful bring-backs of the Air Jordan 1Air Jordan 3 all saw successful relaunches once Nike decided to bring them back for the first time in 1994. Whatever the reasoning was behind not bringing back this pair five years after the shoe initially hit retailers, the shoe still features some interesting selections to stand out from actual releases. From the upside down ‘Air Jordan’ tag on the tongue like the originals, and the air max unit was never painted. Stick with us after the jump for more images of the Air Jordan 5 1995 Retro that could have been and if you’re feeling this relic, know that it’s available today via 7ad3jc on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1976 Autographed Yearbook

February 28th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1976 Autographed Yearbook

There’s a plethora of rare Michael Jordan memorabilia pieces from his time as a member of the Chicago Bulls (and even as a player on the Wizards, Tar Heels and Birmingham Barons) but occasionally we stumble across something from earlier times before that. Usually it’s an old classmate or a neighbor trying to reap the rewards of Michael Jordan’s worldwide fame as today we find ourselves looking at an old yearbook from 1976 that even features his autograph (His Airness would be 13 at the time of scribing ‘Mike’ across his own black and white photo). Hit the click if you want to get a better look at what MJ’s autograph looked like before people were desperately trying to grab it and know that you can own this rare and albiet strange piece of memorabilia from Mike’s time as an elementary school student via mjuncfan on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Air Jordan 6 “Infrared” Cartoon Poster

February 24th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Air Jordan 6 Infrared Cartoon Poster

With the classic Air Jordan 6 “White/Infrared” having just released to commemorate Jordan Brand’s 23rd anniversary of MJ’s first championship sneaker, today’s vintage gear is a perfect addition to any sneaker collector’s wall as we see a classic poster from 1991 in the form of this cartoonish styling of His Airness. Jordan Brand had a number of marketing campaigns for Jordan over the years, but perhaps one of the most forgotten is the rendition of the man as a cartoon as seen here. The poster features bold colors and block text while he rocks his classic sneaker and the drawing even features licensed merchandise that the brand sold at the time.  Hit the click for a full look at this rare find and grab it today via koolstuff56 on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1997 All-Star Game Jersey Prototype

February 20th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1997 All Star Game Jersey Prototype

The 1997 All-Star game is best known for Kobe Bryant’s showcase during the Slam Dunk Contest and the half-time show that honored the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players, but somewhere along the line the planning committee must have lost sight of what they would do for the jerseys for the game. The two years prior in both Phoenix and San Antonio, the jerseys featured unique colors for the city, but when the ’97 game rolled around, players wore their usual jerseys featuring just a patch. Perhaps it was due to sponsoring brand Champion’s lack of commitment because both Nike and Puma would share duties on licensing after 1997, or an agreement couldn’t be reached on the design, but today’s vintage gear is a one of a kind look at what Michael Jordan could’ve wore for the East squad. The jersey features the Cavaliers’ colors at the time while a guitar underlined the All-Star font to pay homage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is possibly the first and only look we’ll ever get at what could’ve been, so let us know what you think of this jersey in the comments and grab this rare find today via thesofasurfer on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1997 NBA All-Star Practice Jersey

February 13th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan 1997 NBA All Star Practice Jersey

The 1997 NBA All-Star game was significant for a couple of reasons – the first being Glen Rice’s dominant second half in which the Charlotte sharp-shooter scored 24 points, and the overlooked first triple double in the games history recorded by none other than the East’s very own Michael Jordan. Today’s vintage gear takes us back to when Cleveland’s arena was known as the Gund Arena with this set of a vintage reversible Michael Jordan practice jersey baring the game’s logo insignia and a program from the game. The black side of the jersey features distinquishable Cleveland artifacts like a guitar for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while the back reads Jordan’s name and number. Be sure to get a better view of this rare find by sticking with us after the click and heading to our gallery and if you’re truly feeling this piece of memorabilia from Cleveland’s 1997 NBA All-Star game, then grab it today via mindstate4200 on eBay.

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Mitchell & Ness to Release Limited Edition Michael Jordan Throwback Jerseys

February 12th, 2014 By

Mitchell & Ness to Release Limited Edition Michael Jordan Throwback Jerseys

Fans of both basketball and hip-hop will be familiar with Mitchell & Ness thanks to the earlier ‘throwback’ era in the 2000s. Rappers draped with exclusive jerseys in music videos made the company even more famous, but there was always one man missing from the brand’s authentic jerseys: Michael Jordan. Now the Philadelphia-based nostalgic company inked a deal with Nike to distribute limited edition runs of famous MJ moments in jersey form. The first jersey that Mitchell & Ness plans to release will be sometime this February and will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of MJ’s 1989 All-Star appearance with a classic red throwback lined with stars. Their next planned release won’t necessarily be too kind to Cavaliers fans, as the jersey Mike wore during the infamous “Shot” over Craig Ehlo will be available come May 2014. Each of these jerseys feature authentic materials exact to the specifications that were delegated to game-issued Michael Jordan jerseys, and will range in price from $250 to $300. What do you think of the collaboration between Mitchell & Ness and Nike? Be sure to hit the click for more information and let us know which jersey you’d like to see in throwback form by penning your thoughts in our comments section.

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Valentine’s Day Card Set

February 11th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Valentines Day Card Set

Michael Jordan’s reach beyond the realm of basketball through product placement and advertisement’s is well known. In fact, he and agent David Faulk changed the way that the game was played in terms of player endorsements. Today’s vintage gear isn’t a Gatorade, Coca-Cola, Wilson or Nike product, but still manages to let us know how Jordan’s larger than life persona infiltrated even the smallest of influences with these weird vintage Valentine’s Day cards. And since the holiday is this Friday, be sure to check out more of this strange memorabilia find and then grab it today via billdanielssports on eBay..

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Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Game-Worn 2003 NBA All-Star Jersey

February 10th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Michael Jordan Game Worn 2003 NBA All Star Jersey

Michael Jordan laced up his signatures in an All-Star game for the last time in 2003, and Atlanta graciously played host to a plethora of All-Stars in a game that can definitely be considered a classic. They even remade the uniforms to emulate the throwbacks that Jordan wore in his first few ASGs and while Mike’s first half total wasn’t nearly that of what it used to be, His Airness showed up in the second half to lead an East comeback with fourteen points and a would-be game winning fade-away over Shawn Marion had it not been for Jermaine O’Neal’s foul at the other end of the court. Today’s vintage gear is a perfect addition to any memorabilia collector’s arsenal as we found MJ’s game worn jersey. Hit the click for a better look at this piece of history and grab it today via nygurl33sports on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: Authentic Michael Jordan 1992 NBA All-Star Game Uniform Set

February 7th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Authentic Michael Jordan 1992 NBA All Star Game Uniform Set

So maybe the 1992 NBA All-Star game wasn’t Mike’s best game – he finished with 18 point as the Eastern Conference was absolutely obliterated by their Western rivals in a 153-113 route that saw the West run out to a big lead thanks to their 44 point first quarter- but where does MJ’s shoe selection of the Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” rank among his All-Star game sneakers? Today’s vintage gear is an authentic Champion uniform set complete with Michael Jordan’s jersey (not to be mistaken for the actual set he wore in the game, though) that looks brand new. The real rarity in this two piece set has to be the shorts, and while they’re the definition of short, the gradient stars on the side of the shorts isn’t something you see everyday. Be sure to check out this uniform set in pristine condition and match them with your very own pair of Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” by grabbing this rare find today via topkuya on eBay.

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Vintage Gear: “Why Fly When You Can Drive” Nike Golf T-Shirt

February 4th, 2014 By

Vintage Gear: Why Fly When You Can Drive Nike Golf T Shirt

Michael Jordan’s competitive spirit is well documented. From getting into fights with teammates occasionally in the heat of practice battles to his numerous comebacks, it’s hard for MJ to stay out of the competitive realm, so his passion for golf in his later years shouldn’t come as a surprise. While we’re waiting on some exclusive Jordan Brand golf cleats, today’s vintage gear is a unique Nike Golf t-shirt that features the phrase “Why Fly When You Can Drive?” on the back above the words Michael Jordan Golf. Of course, the signature Jumpman is featured on the front of the mainly white tee above the classic Nike Swoosh. What do you think of this rare find? Hit the gallery for a better look and grab it today via chris94546 on eBay.

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