After last night’s loss to the New York Knicks the Charlotte Bobcats will officially go down in the record books as the team with the single lowest winning percentage in NBA history (%10.6 on the season). How did it happen? How did Michael Jordan go from the best winning percentage of all time as a player with the Bulls to the lowest of all time as an exec with the Bobcats program? Well for one this year was marked as one of rebuilding, so it’s not as if they were anticipating a championship or even a playoffs bid. Second, the season was not without its number of distractions, including the rumors of MJ’s desire to sell the team if they couldn’t turn it around and a bit of back and forth at the season’s end between former coach Larry Brown and Michael. Will they be able to put together a more respectable performance come next year? They’re looking at a possible first overall pick in the draft so here’s to hoping. Keep your fingers crossed that MJ can extend his legacy via the Charlotte Bobcats and keep it locked with Jordans Daily as we update you on the squad. Photos: Yahoo!