What’s a Jumpman without his jumpsuit? We’ve been lacing you with plenty of vintage apparel pieces here at Jordans Daily, the latest of which breaks away from the typical to offer some full body coverage Air Jordan style. The item in question is a one-piece nylon tracksuit that runs pretty much head to toe, utilizing the iconic black and red colorway that we’ve all come to love. There’s a front zipper that runs down the chest to let you step into the garment, along with a few more zippers towards the calves that allow for a little more air flow. One of the most exciting details actually comes on the tag of the jumpsuit, where it becomes apparent that the suit was made here in the USA, a rare treat that you definitely won’t see these days from Jordan Brand. Click through for the photos and keep in mind that you can indeed own this little piece of history, as the vintage Air Jordan jumpsuit is available now from ragevogue on eBay.