When someone mentions camo, the only logical jump for the mind to make seems to be army fatigue prints, or perhaps if you mishear a large hairy spitting desert roaming mammal with a hump on its back. Well, it does not seem like the designers at Jordan Brand have drawn their inspiration from either of the two former sources when they thought up these Jordan Urban Camo Shorts. The word “camo” seems to be used in more of an artistic sense here because you’ll likely be spotted in these, even in an urban environment where you’ll be hard pressed to find a place to blend in with these shorts. They do come equipped with a considerable amount of pocket space as well as being made of a durable material, which is good news because it’ll take some time to find an urban place to camouflage in your new Jordan Urban Camo Shorts. Get yours at the Nike Store online for $65 and keep coming back to Jordans Daily for your daily fix of everything Jordan.