The Air Jordan XI’s have always been a popular sell among sneakerheads and the like. They have been applied to the hardwood, the gridiron, and the diamond. The Air Jordan XI’s versatility is quite evident; more so if you own a pair, and recently Jordans Daily has been graced with an exclusive look at another adaptation in the Air Jordan XI. CC Sabathia has been spotted wearing the Air Jordan XI Concord baseball cleats on the diamond, but this is the first peek at the Air Jordan XI Concord Turf Trainers. Although the composition of the mound never changes, the grass does and for the occasion when he needs to make a play off the mound and on the turf, he’ll be prepared. These shoes seem to be a favorite fit for his recently acquired NY Yankees uniform. The major difference between these and all of the other Air Jordan XI variations is the clear spiked outsole with a Nike swoosh in the middle, otherwise they appear to stay true to their original design.