Pharrell Williams is definitely the kind of guy that has the clout to be able to never rock the same pair of sneakers twice. Thus, when you see him wearing a particular pair frequently in such a short span, they must be something special. Here we see Pharrell once again donning the Air Jordan VII Bordeaux, this time at the Kielh’s 160th Anniversary Celebration on May 18th in New York City, in an echo of his outfit at the Canne Film Festival earlier this week. The Air Jordan VII Bordeaux, retroed this past April, could definitely be considered a special release as this particular colorway had never before been given the retro treatment, so no pairs had been produced since their debut in 1992. It is safe to say that Pharrell was definitely among the Jordan fanatics to breathe a sigh of relief when these finally hit shelves again. Continue reading for more images of Pharrell in the Bordeaux’s as well as a look at the current ebay listings for these.