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Air Jordan VII: “Dreamcatcher” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

October 28th, 2013 By

Leave it up to Rocket Boy Nift to create a custom that truly catches your imagination. His latest creation is this Air Jordan VII “Dreamcatcher” customs that aim to do just that, deviating from his TV-show inspired pairs and a ‘A Crude Blood’ series in lieu of a stand alone release that features a crazy geometric-printed upper while accents of black and yellow carry the rest of the motif throughout. What do you think of his latest creation? Hit the gallery for a better look and stay with Jordans Daily for more custom looks.

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Air Jordan V: “Prince of Fresh” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

September 14th, 2013 By

The Air Jordan 5 is getting hit with so many colorways for the remainder of 2013 that it’s starting to get hard to keep track. One of the standouts will be the Air Jordan V “Bel-Air” pair that takes inspiration from the 90s sitcom that gave Will Smith his big acting start in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. While the official release does a good job at paying homage to Will’s fresh use of vibrant colors and patterns, if wasn’t enough for Rocket Boy Nift as he hits the Air Jordan 5 with numerous all over prints to keep the upper almost as busy as Will during his tenure on the WB sitcom. Hit the jump for a full look and let us know what you think of this custom in the comments.

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Air Jordan III: “Dunk Contest” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

August 21st, 2013 By

Although the Air Jordan III “Fire Red” just dropped a few weeks ago, Rocket Boy Nift couldn’t have enough nostalgia for a young MJ spreading his wings to fly in the old Chicago Stadium to win the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest. So as any smart customizer would, Nift decided to ditch the elephant print in lieu of a screen printed graphic of the crowd during that All-Star Game event. While the staple elephant print is missed, the crazy idea to put the iconic photo on the upper gives anyone the excuse to check out more images, and if you’re really feeling these pick them up from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan V: “Fresh Prince Season Finale” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

July 29th, 2013 By

Rocket Boy Nift has been consistently giving us uniquely strange customs on top of his favorite Air Jordan V for a while now, and for further proof you can check out last month’s Air Jordan V “Finch” Custom as a part of his ‘A Crude Blood’ series. Today we see the customizer take the Air Jordan V “Grape” and transform it into the ‘Fresh Prince Season Finale’ customs with a crazy floral print on the purple tongue and midsole. Nift then takes the remaining hints of purple and substitutes black laces. Continue reading for a better look at Rocket Boy Nift’s latest customs and pick your pair up today from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan V: “Finch” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

June 27th, 2013 By

The last time we heard from Rocket Boy Nift was in the form of the unexpected Air Jordan XI “Seinfeld” customs, but today’s one-off is more in line with the Air Jordan V “Winnipeg”. Continuing with the ‘A Crude Blood’ series last seen on the bear inspired “Winnipeg”, Rocket Boy Nift gives us the Air Jordan V “Finch” customs. The sneaker features a hand painted yellow upper with custom finch patchwork on the heel and a subtle maroon lining. For more pictures hit the jump and bid on them today from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan XI: “Seinfeld” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

May 8th, 2013 By

It seems like every sneaker release these days has a theme or some big story behind it. How about then, as a change of pace, a sneaker about nothing? This Air Jordan XI from Rocket Boy Nift borrows that anti-theme from Seinfeld, paying tribute to Jerry’s mean sneaker game with this simple black/white/green pair. Continue reading for more on the Air Jordan XI “Seinfeld” customs from Rocket Boy Nift and stay tuned to see more of his classic-TV inspired work.

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Air Jordan V: “Winnipeg” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

March 19th, 2013 By

Does a Winnie-the-Pooh inspired Air Jordan V sound like something you’d want to wear? The sneaker shown actually has some connection to that fictional bear, as they’re named after the real life bear that Winnie got his name from. The colorway in place from custom creator Rocket Boy Nift doesn’t get caught up in the cutesy though, and he instead goes for a tough black look featuring embossed leather and some nice bits of embroidery. See the Air Jordan V “Winnipeg” customs in better detail below and then buy them from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan XII Low “BHM” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

January 16th, 2013 By

Jordan Brand is going in pretty heavily with their ‘Black History Month’ thing this year, with three separate releases all sporting Brooklyn inspired colorways. Apparently that wasn’t enough for Rocket Boy Nift, who went ahead and created an Air Jordan XII Low outfitted with a colorful patterning reminiscent of Nike Basketball’s ‘BHM’ collection from last year. Stay with us after the jump to get the photos in the gallery and then purchase the pair for yourself from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan V “Fresh Prince 1.5” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

December 22nd, 2012 By

Does this Air Jordan V custom look familiar? The pair is a remix of sorts of the earlier Rocket Boy Nift ‘Fresh Prince’ custom so it certainly should if you’ve been keeping up with us here at Jordans Daily. The difference here is that the colorful floral print has been extended to the length of the sneaker and now covers up the previously speckled back paneling. Get a better look at the Air Jordan V ‘Fresh Prince 1.5′ custom in our gallery and check out your chance to own one from niftnif1990 on eBay.

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Air Jordan X: “Saved by the Bell” Customs by Rocket Boy Nift

December 20th, 2012 By

Rocket Boy Nift is back at it, resurrecting yet another childhood favorite TV show to use as his muse for a sneaker custom job. This time around Saved by the Bell is the inspiration, with this pair of the Air Jordan X ‘Old Royal’ redone to reflect the pastel graphics that can be seen during the intro to said show. Check out the entire gallery of this Air Jordan X custom after the jump and stay tuned to see where Nift goes next as far as TV show Air Jordan customs.

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Air Jordan III “Sport Blue”