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Jordan Brand: Twitter Follow #23 Contest

July 24, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you’re one of the stubborn few still holding off on joining the twitter-verse then something this great should give you some insight into what you’re missing out on. @Jumpman23 is giving away a pair of Air Jordan 2011 Q Flights to a very lucky follower. If that isn’t tantalizing enoug...Read More

Jordan 6 Rings: Carbon Fiber – Release Date

July 22, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

The Jordan 6 Rings are coming back on the scene with a bang. They can probably handle a few bangs this time around with their newly added carbon fiber upper, which extends from the toe cap and wraps around to the heel covering the bottom half of the upper. Don’t expect them to stop bullets, ...Read More

Jordan Urban Camo Cargo Shorts

July 22, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

When someone mentions camo, the only logical jump for the mind to make seems to be army fatigue prints, or perhaps if you mishear a large hairy spitting desert roaming mammal with a hump on its back. Well, it does not seem like the designers at Jordan Brand have drawn their inspiration from ei...Read More

President Barack Obama Balls in Jordan Jeter Vital

July 22, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

It’s very well known that when the Commander-in-Chief isn’t working hard trying to improve the state of the union, he’s often spotted on the hardwood. This time he’s of special interest to Jordans Daily because he’s playing in a pair of Jordan Jeter Vital’s. One could say that Bara...Read More

Air Jordan V: Quai 54 – Japan Release Reminder

July 22, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

For those who don’t know, Quai 54 is the pinnacle of streetball competitions in the world. It’s more than just basketball as well; it’s a celebration of the culture that surrounds the blacktop. Jordan Brand sponsors all of the festivities, and each year for the competition the designers ...Read More

Air Jordan XI: OG Concord – Prestine Condition

July 21, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

Just when you think that you’ll never find that pair of OG Air Jordans that you were looking for to complete your collection, an offering like this rises from the ashes of the internet auction world. Here is a pair of OG Air Jordan XI Concords in mint/pristine condition. This is one of those...Read More

Jordan Mesh Backpack

July 21, 2011 BY / 0 4.36 / 5

Don’t worry, it’s safe to leave your homes, the ‘80s haven’t come back to haunt us. Mesh has always been a popular fabric in the sports world. Athletes use mesh for anything from jerseys to material on shoes/cleats. It may not seem practical to fashion an entire backpack out of it, but...Read More

Jordan AJ3 Shorts

July 21, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shorts to complement your Air Jordan III stealth/black/reds in September then you’ll be delighted to see Jordan Brand’s apparel solution to their next AJ III release (or just about any other Air Jordan III). The shorts don’t actually feature an...Read More

Michael Jordan Bets & Collects During A Round Of Golf

July 21, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

[youtube][/youtube] It seems that Michael Jordan has found more ways to turn his fans into assets these days with the splendor of his athleticism. The only difference now is that in most US states it would likely be illegal. ...Read More

Air Jordan 1 GS: White / Bright Turquoise / Green Quartz

July 3, 2011 BY / 0 0 / 5

It isn’t probable that Peter Moore could have imagined that his Air Jordan I sneaker design would spawn an international subculture of sneakerheads. The Air Jordan I design has been retroed more than any other Air Jordan in more than 90 colorways. Jordans Daily has the scoop on one of the la...Read More


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