I’m back. Those two words from Michael Jordan, relayed by his agent via press release, were all it took to resurrect the legacy of the greatest to ever play. It was on March 18th in 1995 that MJ made that massive announcement, reopening the history books for a second go-round of greatness. It came at a time when Chicago had finally come to terms with his absence, having hosted a retirement ceremony the previous fall and erecting the famous The Spirit statue in his honor outside the United Center. Yet despite the apparent finality surrounding his initial departure, the game called him back, as a lockout in the MLB hindered his chances to shine on the baseball diamond.

And just like that he was indeed back, slipping on the 45 (as well as the Air Jordan X ‘Chicago’) the very next day to play against the Indiana Pacers. The match ended in a loss for the Chicago Bulls in overtime, with a 19-point performance from Jordan that seemed almost disappointing for the fans rabidly celebrating his return. Had he lost his touch in his short absence? Could he lead the Bulls to glory once again? History has answered those questions, proving Michael’s second stint in the NBA to be just as successful with another three-peat of championships from 1996-98. Let us know in the comments where the “I’m Back” announcement on March 18th, 1995 ranks in your greatest Michael Jordan moments and stay tuned for more Jordans Daily History Lessons. Also, hit the jump for an interview with the man himself that captures this historical Michael Jordan moment as well as some high quality shots from the comeback game against the Pacers. images via SI

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